Disney Villains Week: Day Five - Best/funniest villain moment


Disney Villains WeekDay Five - Best/funniest villain moment


someday i want someone to look at me the same way mark ruffalo looks at paul rudd


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The Little Mermaid TV Series: Gabriella

Remember when Disney had a cute, disabled, poc mermaid?

When i was younger, one of my best friends was a deaf guyanese girl, and her fave princess was Ariel, mainly bc she related to her living without a voice (and her love of swimming)

When this episode aired, she cried and squawked and made sounds that were almost understandable… She saw herself as a mermaid, on tv, with her favourite character of all time

Representation matters, always, no matter what

okay it’s hella cool and they actually animated real ASL they didn’t just bullshit it oh mAN THIS IS LEGIT SIGN LANGUAGE AND IT’S ACTUALLY AWESOME A+++++++

Gabriella Angelina Bommino died of leukemia in November of 1992. She died before this episode even aired.  Here is a touching article about Gabriella.

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